24 August 2007

America's Withdrawal from the Bush Administration 2006 - 2007

As A Dodo must today report the grave news that the Withdrawal by America from the Bush Administration is almost at an end and that the last helicopters have been seen pulling away from the White House in scenes not witnessed since the end of the Vietnam War.

It was in the middle of the first decade of the 21st century that it became apparent to many Americans that the country's strategy in relation to the Bush Administration had gone awry. Though vast amounts of money and large numbers of young troops had been expended on keeping the Bush Administration in power and supporting its aims, the Administration itself - poorly led and indifferent to allegations of internal corruption and a casual disregard for either the rule of law, the provisions of the Constitution or the terms of the Geneva convention - seemed incapable of achieving America's desires and ill-suited to its stated aim of defending democracy.

There had been many previous calls for withdrawal but these had always been ignored - largely because so many of them came from Sean Penn - but by 2006 the atmosphere had changed and the demands that America step back from the Bush Administration were being heard from many people who were not members of the popular music or motion picture industries.

It was with the defeat of Republican Troops under General Rove at the Battle of Capitol Hill in November 2006 and the taking of Congress by the troops of the DemoCong, that it became clear that America had now decided to step back from the Bush Administration. It was not long before Republican Congressmen and Congresswomen were to be seen packing up all their belongings in the nearest available pork barrel and preparing to flee. All the time, the Administration itself was suffering heavier and heavier losses: once important figures such as Donald Rumsfeld, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Dan Bartlett, Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor all fell by the wayside, while others such as Attorney General Alberto Gonzales were left fatally wounded. Even senior Republican figures such as respected Virginia Senator John Warner now advocated withdrawal.

The rush to quit the Bush Administration became rapid, with politicians of all hues frantically battling with each other as they sought to make their way to the helicopters and put as much distance between themselves and the President's policies as they could. Finally there was only President George W Bush himself, left standing on the roof of the White House as friends, aides and officials, among them even such old allies as General Rove, leapt to the last helicopter and humiliatingly fled the scene. Mr Bush was heard desperately begging for America to come to his assistance and warning of "a new Vietnam" and the takeover of Washington by DemoCong troops under Ho Chi Clinton and Barack Vo Nguyen Obama, just before his voice was drowned out by the sound of the helicopter blades.

A nation will mourn the Bush Administration ... sadly no-one is yet sure which nation it will be.

(1) inasmuch as getting Iraqi insurgents to stop bombing Baghdad and start blowing up other bits of Iraq instead can be said to be a success.

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Sir James Robison said...

...no-one is yet sure which nation it will be...

Very close to the truth - January 2009.