03 August 2007

Plugging Away

Dear Readers

That point in the year has come when the inhabitants of As A Dodo Towers must briefly quit the premises and emerge blinking into the sunlight. With any luck - and assuming we haven't all instantly turned to dust at the first touch of the sun's rays - we should be back and posting again by Monday 13th August.

Those of you left bereft at the thought of being starved of extinct flightless birds for so long will doubtless already be dashing over to Amazon and pre-ordering
As A Dodo: The Obituaries You'd Like To See in a desperate effort to ensure that in future you need never be Dodo-less again.

Those of you looking for yet more ways to show your love for dead avians might also be interested to know that we have been overwhelmed by literally hundreds of tens of two emails telling us we should pull our fingers out get off our arses inform you that that doyen of political blogging Iain Dale is currently seeking nominations for the Top 100 Political Blogs and that anyone who wants to add their voice to the hundreds tens twos of loyal readers who have put forward As A Dodo for inclusion can do so either by posting a comment on Iain Dale's Diary here or by emailing iain [at] iaindale [dot] com with "Top 20" in the subject line before 15th August.

Iain has asked that nominators put forward at least ten and up to twenty blogs dealing with UK politics for inclusion. Blogs will be granted points based on the order you nominate them, with your first nomination getting 20 points, second 19 and so on down to 1 point for nomination 20 - be assured our own eternal modesty need not prevent you from putting us at or near the very top of your own nominations. And if you can't come up with ten political blogs, then we can wholeheartedly recommend a quick scan of the many excellent blogs that are our fellow members of the Blogpower initiative.

As an added bonus, anyone taking part in the nominations stands a chance of winning £100 of political DVDs. No news as yet on whether 2nd prize will be £200 of political DVDs but we'll keep checking.

Yours ever

The Dodos