27 June 2007

A Short Break

Owing to the need to muck out the Dodo Towers smoking room, throw away the last ashtray and extract the last few pints of tar from the smokers' lungs to patch that nasty hole in the Dodo Towers roof before the arrival of the smoking ban in England, we shall be taking a short break for the next couple of days.

Until our return on Monday (2nd July), those of you wishing to see our obituary for the late Prime Minister's career are advised to click here, while anyone looking for coverage of the smoking ban is directed towards this link.

Again, we would remind readers that anyone wishing to attend The Blogpower Awards Ceremony, which will be held in Second Life on 1st July 2007 at 2pm London time, 9am New York time can do so simply by clicking here or on the link at the left-hand side of the page.

Finally, let us leave those of you still craving coverage of Mr Blair's departure and clues to his future conduct with the following moving tribute, provided by those at Bloggerheads Villas.


John said...

You've been tagged by Hell's Handmaiden.

Al Grow said...

I have just come back from my little break and I hope you enjoyed yours. Looking forward to seeing what Monday brings.
Is it possible for you to break the umbilical and so enable your loyal millions to read you without these horrible periods of nothingness? I can let uyou have another pen if that is the prob.