04 June 2007

The Blogpower Awards

As regular readers may be aware, we at As A Dodo are members of the Blogpower initiative, a loose collective of bloggers from across the globe(1) and the political spectrum(2), which has been besieging the blogosphere on behalf of smaller bloggers since December 06.

As part of its bid to take over the interweb, Blogpower has now launched the first annual Blogpower awards, allowing anyone(3) to vote for any blog(4) in any of the categories set out here. The contest's motto is 'Vote early and vote often' - we can only urge our readers to do exactly that

(1) plus some who are out of this world and others who are on the Planet Zog.
(2) by which we mean the usual assortment of carefully reasoned argument and swivel-eyed ranting
(3) by which we mean you.
(4) by which we mean As A Dodo.


Delicolor said...

Phew- I thought it was a Dodopost for a moment. I suddenly had visions of James Highan having a heart attack whilst stressed out trying to collate the nominations>

Anonymous said...

Like many others I want to see you both do well in the Blogpower awards. That said again like others perhaps a little help would do. Where and how do we vote and how many times can we vote?

The As A Dodo Team said...

Dear Anonymous

Until 8pm tonight, you can make nominations at http://defendingtheblog.blogspot.com/ where the nomination process is explained. At present we have garnered (which is to say, "extorted") sufficient votes to be represented in the 1 Best Britblog, 7 Best Blogpower Blog and 12 Most Underrated Blog categories .

We are bubbling under in category 19 Best Post of All Time with our obituary for (Fictional) George Bush and are 1 vote short of being represented in category 16 Most Consistently Entertaining Blog. - Do feel free to go to http://defendingtheblog.blogspot.com/ , follow the directions and add your voice.

We must also confess to being deeply hurt at not having been nominated for award 13 Most Over-rated Blog, especially as we overrate ourselves constantly.

Reactionary Snob said...

Best of luck - you got a nomination from this end, so hopefully you'll pick up a gong.


Unpremeditated said...

Thanks RS - much appreciated

marymaryquitecontrary said...

Does canvassing mean disqualification?