26 June 2007

The Blogpower Awards Ceremony

Our readers have doubtless followed our journey (and indeed the journey of other blogs almost, though not quite, as deserving as our own) through The Blogpower Awards with bated breath and will surely want to congratulate themselves, their fellow voters, the judges, the organisers and everyone else we bribed and/or threatened on their role in our thoroughly deserved victory.

We are happy to say that - thanks to the efforts of Tom Paine, just such an opportunity can be afforded to one and all at The Blogpower Awards Ceremony, which will be held in Second Life on 1st July 2007 at 2pm London time, 9am New York time. Just click here or on the link at the left-hand side of the page to go along.

Finally, we regret to inform our readers that - at present - it seems unlikely that any representatives of As A Dodo will be able to attend the ceremony. Devastating though this news will be, we nonetheless urge our readers to head along for a truly out-of-this-(real)-world experience.