08 June 2007

Paris Hilton’s Dreadful Incarceration 3rd June 2007-7th June 2007: A Correction

Further to today's obituary for Paris Hilton's Dreadful Incarceration, we now understand that the aforementioned article was a pile of utter garbage a trifle premature, having been informed by Los Angeles Court officials that, on seeing the Incarceration collapse and Ms Hilton appear to get off scot-free, the presiding judge immediately applied his knowledge of CPRR(1) and successfully resuscitated the highly-talented hotel heiress's sentence of imprisonment - producing cries of amazement from onlookers and of "It's not right!" from the heiress herself(2).

As usual we apologies profusely for this latest in our long line of obituarial cock-ups. We would promise to do better in future but for our understandable fear that none of our readers would believe us.

(1) Correct Punishment for Rich Recidivists
(2) some present insist that Ms Hilton's cry was merely an attempt to remember the proper term for "left".


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

You weren't to know they are all madder than hatters over there, Dodo!

R M said...

I would like to think that you have magical powers to influence. The judge read your obit and was so moved that he did what he did.
Could we give it a tester? Choose your own wrong to be righted.

The As A Dodo Team said...

Not sure that would be wise R M. Were your theory to prove true the presence of such power in the hands of the wholly irresponsible inhabitants of Dodo Towers would be rather like having the arming controls for the world's nuclear arsenalin the hands of ... er ... George Bush and Vladimir Putin. Oh dear.

R M said...

Sorry brain was temp out order

MR said...

Sorry again what my friend meant was the his brian saw empt tou redor

james higham said...

Wondering if you were going to post this.

Now boys, on another matter, what's going on in your categories? Get yourself mobilized and get those mice clicking! I can't do all of it for you.

The As A Dodo Team said...

Believe us James - we are stuffing the ballot boxes to the best of our abilities. Clearly we are up against some masters of the art. Sadly it looks like the kitten and puppy may be going to the great big sack full of bricks in the sky.

Palm Springs Savant said...

oh yes, the poor rich girl is subject to the rule of law..how ghastly!!!

I couldn't help myself and HAD to do a post on Paris. I was in the mood for some satire. stop by and say hello. (my post was on Sunday)