05 January 2007

Holiday Feature: Top Euphemisms for Death 2007

In our last easy to write filler piece holiday feature before a return to full obituary-delivering service on Monday, we at As A Dodo present the top 10 euphemisms for death for the coming year.

  1. Hearing the big ringtone in the sky
  2. Doing a Flintoff
  3. Finished his last Sudoku
  4. Melted the last icecap
  5. Laughing in Saddam's face
  6. Heeding the ultimate product recall
  7. Photocopied the last buttock
  8. Failed to complete level 7
  9. Feeling above the weather
  10. Bluetoothed the last happy-slap.

1 Comment:

Andrew Allison. A Conservative View said...

I like number two, 'Doing a Flintoff.' I unfortunately stayed up in to the wee small hours and watched the debacle unfold. How embarrasing.