02 January 2007

The As A Dodo Annual Webpoll: The 2007 Results

It is with great pleasure that As A Dodo can today announce the results of our annual webpoll seeking the obituaries readers would most like to see. Having analysed voting patterns at length we can confirm that the people and things most of you would wish to bid a not-so-fond farewell to in 2007 are ...

David Cameron's "webcameron"

Working through lunch

The Axis of Evil
Flying Ants

Global Warming

The Axis of Evil
Tony Blair's Government English sporting failure

George Bush's Presidency

Russell Brand's omnipresence

In accordance with our readers' wishes a member of the As A Dodo team is now receiving urgent training in the ancient art of ninjutsu and will shortly be stationed - garbed in black and sharpened shurikens in hand - atop Mr Brand's roof, ready to put an end to his tyrannical multimedia hegemony.


Colin Campbell said...

I can recommend moving to Australia or remote Nepal if you want to solve this problem. I had never heard of this dodgy character until our good friend updated me on the contemporary Bob Monkhouse. Bring back the Golden Shot I say.

james higham said...

Ah but Colin, it's due to migrate down to you in the City of Cathedrals, I believe.