18 May 2007

We're Off

The As A Dodo Editors are happy to announce that we are about to jet off sneak ourselves into the overhead luggage area of a low-cost flight to enjoy an orgy of spending and sybaritic indulgence buy ourselves a half pint of shandy and a packet of pork scratchings, as we blow the massive understandably tiny advance we have received from the good (if clearly gullible) people at Summersdale Publishers who have kindly (if foolishly) consented to publish As A Dodo: The Obituaries You'd Like To See, a selection of columns from the world's favourite (which is to say the world's only) satirical obituary website. Any of our readers desperate to order this marvellous tome (doubtless alongside their supply of mood-altering pharmaceuticals and attachments for their straitjackets) can do so by checking out the As A Dodo Satire Store or clicking on the Amazon link to the left.

As we take Summersdale's money and see how far we can run with it(1) we leave you safe in the knowledge that we will return, refreshed and renewed on Wednesday 30th May. Many thanks to all our readers - we couldn't have got the poor unfortunate fools to pay us without you.

(1) the current estimate is Frinton-on-Sea